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N.T. Wright and the New Perspective

April 24, 2007

Since D.A. Carson’s review of N.T. Wright’s new book Evil and the Justice of God, there seems to be a resurgence among bloggers on problems with Wright’s view of atonement. Here are a few highlights:

  • Justin Taylor links a few of the conversations that have been popping up.
  • Denny Burk has a sharp criticism of Wright’s affirmation of the term “penal substitution” without its historical use.

I suspect that Bishop N. T. Wright would not appreciate my saying that he has dismissed penal substitution, especially since he himself maintains that he holds to “something that can be called ‘penal substitution.’” But this affirmation is precisely the problem. His definition of penal substitution is clearly at odds with what penal substitution is (at least historically defined).

N. T. Wright does not like Pierced for our Transgressions, as he explains HERE. Some have already responded to him HERE, HERE and HERE. While we are grateful for constructive criticism, Wright is mistaken at several important points. We offer a brief response.

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