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Protestant Liberalism’s Future is Wrapped Up in Riverside

May 9, 2007

Albert Mohler’s article Where Have all the Liberals Gone — The Riverside Church Seeks New Pastor is telling picture of where Protestant Liberalism has come and where it is going.  Here is an excerpt:

The problem for liberal churches is this — Americans have learned that they do not need churches for “spirituality” or social activism.  They can find these alone, in their yoga group, in political involvement, and in a myriad of other places and institutions.  As the Times reports, liberal churches and denominations have been losing members for decades.  Movements in such a pattern of decline are not likely to produce long lists of well-known preachers….  Beyond this, many liberal churches and denominations have become, in essence, collectives of special interest groups…. The basic problem with liberal Protestantism is theological.  The movement’s subversion of biblical authority and denial of basic orthodoxy lead, inevitably, to a sub-Christian message.

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