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WTS Bookstore Sale of the Week – CCEF Classics

May 9, 2007

Here, again, is the WTS Bookstore sale of the week. This week’s theme is CCEF Classics. Here are some highlighted titles:

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel (Paperback)
by Welch, Edward T.
PTC 303: 100%

$15.99 $8.00

Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens
by Tripp, Paul David

$14.99 $7.50

Blame It on the Brain
by Welch, Edward T.

$12.99 $6.50

Instruments in the Redeemers Hands (Paperback)
by Tripp, Paul David
PT 363: 100%
PTC 453: 100%

$16.99 $8.50

One of the most important works is Paul Tripps Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands Here is an excerpt of Tony Reinke’s review of Tripp’s book:

The church culture is changing, and Tripp is leading the revolution to equip Christians to apply the ointment of the Cross to the cares and struggles of the Christian soul. Tripp masterly follows his own advice, reminding the reader at every turn to look at situations and struggles as an opportunity to see themselves embedded in the big picture of God’s redemptive plan. Like no other, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands will lead, train and encourage this model of ministry in your own personal service and among your church.

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