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Southern Baptist Convention Debates

June 15, 2007

The Southern Baptist Convention ended earlier this week.  Denny Burk offers some great debate audio on Calvinism and on the use of tongues from the convention:

In the first podcast, Jerry Johnson moderates a debate between Dr. Russell Moore and Pastor Dwight McKissic on the issue of speaking in tongues. In the second podcast, Jerry Johnson moderates a dialogue between Dr. Danny Akin and Dr. Mark Coppenger on the issue of Calvinism.

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  1. John H. Day permalink
    August 1, 2007 2:42 am

    I will like to know why any Southern Baptist will want to
    teach or have unknown tongues spoken in our churches.
    I had been a southern Baptist all my life which is 60 years.
    Now if you are talking about in tongues for other language
    that will be consider as known tongues. That had been in
    the Message of Faith in every one since 1924 all the way
    to now. So if that the case this is a non -issue. I have
    been in Churches that had Preacher or anyone else who taught
    unknown tongues been removed from any from their responsibility. I really have problems with this issue
    because I thought that why Christ die on the cross beside
    salvation that man could talk to God one on one. And didn’t
    need a priest to tell us what God wants us to do. I can go
    to God and ask for understanding of his will in my life.
    I only hope that God will show you all the difference
    of unknown tongues and known tongues.

    Please response back to me.
    With respect in the Christ Brotherly love.
    John H. Day

  2. jbstarke permalink*
    August 1, 2007 10:25 am

    Mr. Day, Thank you for your comment. I wasn’t necessarily wanting support or not support tongues in churches in my post, rather I was just wanting to provide the audio resource for the debate at the latest convention for anyone who wanted to listen to it and was not there. My intention in the post really wasn’t to reveal my hand on the issue. Sorry if it was confusing. If you would like a response on my opinion, I can certainly give to you. I don’t think that the death of Christ negates any use of tongues, since tongues was instated after the death of Christ in the first place,whether you believe they were known or unknown tongues – which I am not too familiar with those terms, so I hope I am using them correctly. I suppose you mean an actual foreign language rather than some heavenly or angelic language. However, my issue with tongues is not necessarily that Christ has died and risen, interceding for us to the Father, but that God has inspired his Word for us in his Scriptures, giving us an exhaustive, sufficient revelation to equip us, convict us, and encourage us in all situations. With that being said, I do not want to be to hasty and say that negates any use of tongues at all in the Church. There are many places around the world with no source of inspired Scriptures, relying heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide them in all manner of salvation and godliness. Personally, I am not part of a church that uses the gifts of tongues, I do not personally use tongues in worship or in private prayer. In the United States where we have sufficient means of inspired Scriptures, I would be slow in supporting any use of tongues where we have sufficient means of Scripture and revelation.

  3. John H. Day permalink
    August 1, 2007 2:32 pm

    Thank you very much for response. The thing is, that
    I think a preacher or anyone else can say anything he will like to get across as his own interpretation of unknown tongue.
    I really think that we see thing the same way.
    Once again thanks for your response.


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