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New 9Marks blog

June 20, 2007

New from the guys at 9Marks:

Church Matters Header

Did you hear the rumors about a 9Marks blog?

The rumors are true! The “Church Matters” blog launches today, June 20th!

Church matters. And church matters matter. If that matters to you, check out Mark Dever’s introductory post and more.

Our intended audience, as with most of 9Marks material, is pastors, church leaders, and seminarians. At the same time, we hope that all Christians become more interested in church matters, because we believe the local church is the focal point of God’s plan for displaying his glory to the nations. That includes all of us who profess faith in Christ.

Blog contributors will consist of Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker, Jonathan Leeman, and the 9Marks lead writers, as well as several like-minded pastors and occasional guests. For the time being, we thought we’d try opening the blog to public comments. Hopefully it can be used as a place of honest inquiry and discussion regarding pastoring and leading local church life.

So take a look. Call the papers, and wake the neighbors—‘cause Church Matters!

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