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Upcoming Interview with Bruce Ware

June 20, 2007

I have had the pleasure of sitting in on Dr. Bruce Ware’s Sunday School class on Sanctification at Clifton Baptist Church.  It has been extremely helpful and encouraging.  In the near future, after I get done typing everything out, I will post an interview with Dr. Ware on the topic of sanctification.  Here are some questions that I have included in the interview:

  • Why is it important to think rightly on our own sanctification?
  • What emphasis does Scripture put on sanctification?
  • What are some theological models of sanctification throughout Church History that have been unbiblical or damaging?
  • How should we think of sanctification in relation to our justification?
  • I have heard you say, “The whole of the Christian life is one of knowing2 what we have already, in most cases, come to know1.”  Can you briefly explain what you mean?
  • What are some books that have helped you see sanctification biblically?

Well, there is a few of the questions.  I hope to post it soon.

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