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Where’d All These Calvinists Come From? Part 2 of 10 and a Suggestion by Me

July 2, 2007

Mark Dever has added Part 2 to his ten part series on why there is such a resurgence in Calvinism, especially among young folks. In Part 2, Dever attributes a lot of it to the influence of Dr. Martin Loyd Jones in evangelicalism, even today 40 or so years later. Dever is certainly not done with his series, but I am wondering whether or not he will attribute a lot of the resurgence in Calvinism to the reprinting of many reformed classics among the Puritans and 18th century theologians by Banner of Truth. The history of the Banner of Truth Trust is a amazing story which started as a short magazine on Puritans in the 50’s by Iain Murray, and began to re-introduce these writings to the mass public. If you have not kept so far with Dever’s series, you should. They are very revealing and Dever acts as a true historian of our own time.

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