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Great Resources on the Trinity

July 27, 2007

Recently I have been spending time working through John 5, which has been such a wonderful study for me (you can read part 1 and part 2). Understanding the eternal relationship between the Father and Son is a great study and has benefited me in the way I think about God’s “trinitarian” redemptive plan for his Church. I would like to suggest a few helpful resources (books and audio) in understanding the doctrine of the Trinity:

→Dr. Bruce Ware has a wonderful three part lecture on the Trinity. The lecture includes biblical arguments for the divinity of Christ and the Holy Spirit, a historical look at the Nicene Council and Council of Constantinople and their implications, a brief look at Augustine’s theology of the Trinity, and the ontological and economical aspects in contemporary scholarship:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

→J. I. Packer offers a good 2 part series on the Trinity that is done quite a bit different that Ware’s, though in the end, they come up with the same conclusions. The differences they may have between one another is Packer is not as convinced as Ware on that prayer should only be directed ‘towards the Father, in the name of the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit’, though he does argue that should be the ordinary practice and Packer is more liable to attempt to use analogies to explain aspects of the Trinity and Ware does not and thinks it is unhelpful. You definitely see the systematician in Packer:

Part 1, Part 2

Communion with God by John Owen. Owen works specifically with the economical aspect of the Trinity (the Trinity’s relationship with humankind) in book 1 – Communion with the Father, book 2 – Communion with the Son, and book 3 – Communion with the Holy Ghost. Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic has edited an updated version (not abridged) that should be helpful due October 8. John Owen is the most trinitarian author I have ever read, meaning he is helpful is lending us the understanding that all works of God, creation, redemption, regeneration, judgment, and glorification are done by all three persons.

→ Jason Hall writes in the most recent JBMW A Review of ‘Jesus and the Father: Modern Evangelicals Reinvent the Doctrine of the Trinity’ by Kevin Giles. I have posted my thoughts on the helpfulness of this article previously.

I hope these are helpful. There are many other books that are beneficial in the study of the Trinity, especially some good contemporary titles, but these are a helpful introduction to the doctrine and explanation of its intricacies.

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