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Beckwith Interview

August 7, 2007

I recently finished listening to the “Stand to Reason” interview with Francis Beckwith on his “reversion” to Catholicism.  If you have not listened to it, I would suggest that you do.  It is a very sloppy interview, much to the fault of the interview Greg Koukl, but it does show Beckwith’s thoughtfulness in working through his faith and conviction.  I do wish Koukl would have let Beckwith continue, uninterrupted, with his story of his journey back to his Catholic faith, without the pummeling of questions concerning Catholic doctrine, putting Beckwith constantly on the defense.   I do think Beckwith had many questions to answer, being the President of ETS and a high profile evangelical, but the dialog got kind of ridiculous half way through the show until finally Beckwith finally refuses to debate any longer and Koukl relents.  By the end of the show you get a good picture of Beckwith’s heart and understanding.  He primarily puts much significance on tradition, family heritage, and obedience in his decision to return to Catholicism.  While I certainly disagree with Beckwith’s on many points of his conclusion, his return was a thoughtful one and I, at least, appreciate his intellectual honesty.

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