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The Hiding Heart

September 25, 2007

Much of my spare reading time – though there is significantly less in these past days – has been in John Owen’s Communion With God.  I wanted to take a moment a share a few – as the Puritans called them – “uses” (or applications) that has been wonderful to meditate on through my days.

  1. Our Communion with God is strengthened when we are in “common mind”.  This is like any sort of relationship.  I am close friends with those who have similar delights and fond affections towards one another.  I married my wife, not only because I loved her, but because we were of similar minds.  We desired and enjoyed the same things.  Naturally, so it is with God.  Our communion with God is strengthened when we desire the same things.  We are the ones, however, who form our desires towards his.  This first point leads into the second.
  2. A sinning heart is a hiding heart.  Sin naturally clouds the “common mind” we have with the Father.  The sinning heart naturally hides from him and halts any further communion.  The prerogative of the heart seeking communion with the Father is repentance and obedience.  Obedience is not set forth as means for acceptance, but intimate communion.  What great benefits there are for those obey the voice of God!
  3. Highest communion with the Father is when the soul rests in his bosom through the mediation of his Son Jesus Christ.
    1. The believer makes God his rest without seeking further for a more suitable and desirable object.  I think John Owen says it best: “The soul of the believer gathers itself from all its wanderings, from all other beloveds, to rest in God alone.”
    2. Our communion with the Father is only found through the mediating work of Christ.  He is the God-Man through whom God the Father communicates himself to us.  John Owen writes, “Love in the Father is like honey in the flower; – it must be in the comb (that is Christ) before it be for our use.”  All our delight, desires, and obedience passes through the person of Jesus Christ.
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