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A Third Party?

October 10, 2007

There is small and not so small talk of a third party of a pro-choice candidate  receives the nomination for the Republican party.  The Religious Right has been somewhat quiet in supporting one candidate.  BTW has some good insight, I believe, and some other resources in thinking through this issue that faces those of us who refuse to vote for a pro-choice candidate.  I, personally, am still at a loss in what to do.  There is the strategic route in voting for Guiliani if he is elected and trust in the fact that he will not appoint judges that oppose the Republican stance on pro-life.  Or, there is the argument of simply trusting God and not deciding between the “two evils” (voting between two evils never seems like a good plan), voting for a third party (which logically gives the presidency to Hilary Clinton).

Pray for the wisdom of believing voters.

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