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Trevin Wax and N. T. Wright

November 2, 2007

Trevin Wax, on the SaidatSouthern Podcast will be interviewing N. T. Wright this month.  I’m not sure when the audio will be available.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for Trevin, as he admits.  He also asks his readers what they would ask if  they got the opportunity to sit down with Wright.  I emailed him and gave him some of my own questions I would ask.  He is not making any promises on actually asking any of the suggestions, but if you have any suggestions send him a note.  Here are some questions I sent him and a few more:

  1. How would you share the gospel with one individual?  Explain evangelism.
  2. If the Protestant Reformers got justification wrong, why would you or any other New Persp. proponent call yourself protestant?  Is it simply papal authority?  (This question should be worded more graciously :)).
  3. In your opinion, has scholarly criticism of New Perspective in America, such as Carson, Piper, Moo and others been fair, or have they misunderstood the NP?
  4. How would you respond to the criticism towards yourself and other NP or Federal Vision theologians that you have not understood the doctrine of justification by faith alone and imputed righteousness correctly in the first place?
  5. What would be your response to much of the Episcopalian/Anglican communion controversy in America over the ordination of homosexual clergy be?

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