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Two Books I Am Excited About

November 2, 2007

Do you know CCEF? Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. CCEF has a faculty of counselors and authors who have influenced much of my thought in Christian Counseling and basic pastoral ministry. Two of their faculty members have just recently released books and I am excited to get to them:


Running Scared: Fear, Worry & the God of Rest by Edward T. Welch.

You can read chapter 1 from WTS.

If you have never heard of Ed Welch I encourage you to listen the 9marks interview that gives a basic biographical sketch of his life and a wonderful look into his thought.






A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger Than You by Paul David Tripp

You can read chapter 1 from WTS.


Philip Graham Ryken says this of Tripp’s new book:

Paul Tripp has an exceptional gift for teaching and illustrating biblical truth in a way that exposes the grasping sins of our selfish hearts, while at the same time showing that the grace of God is available and attractive. A Quest for More is about living for something larger than ourselves, building God’s kingdom instead of our own. Its message is simple: if we try to get more for ourselves of everything this world tries to offer, we will end up with much less; but if we live for Jesus, we will end up getting so much more of everything God wants to give us.
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