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Philosophy in the Service of Theology 4

May 19, 2009

Continuing on with Scott Oliphint in his Reasons for Faith   

Oliphint begins much of his discussions on the knowledge of God and all of reality with the distinction of our knowledge (creation) and the knowledge of God (as Creator) – the Creator/creature distinction (see part 2 and 3).  Yet, in discussing the difference between our essence and God’s essence he develops the Creator/creature distinction towards an “I am/image” distinction (Eimi/eikon).  He footnotes about this distinction “I am avoiding the language of Creator and creature here simply because being Creator is not of the essence of who God is and thus could serve to confuse our discussion of God’s essence.”  Oliphint, however, does not dismiss the Creator/creature distinction, but develops in discussing God’s essence. 

This distinction, of course, goes to further his discussion on God’s simplicity and aseity, for which Plantinga dismisses.  God’s self-disclosure as “I am” is the clearest biblical picture of his aseity.





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