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Experiencing the Providence of God – A Reflection of Acts 27

May 20, 2009

I recently taught through Acts 27 in our small group (we have been going through Acts).  The glaring question that stuck out in my mind in reflecting on the entire chapter is why so much detail Luke gives in describing the Shipwreck event for Paul.  Luke includes names, measurements, dates, plans, cities, and all other details – kinds that he normally does not include in his narrative.  Why?

Interestingly, Luke narrates the event as one who was included in it – “It was decided the we should sail for Italy…” (Acts 27:1).  Luke experienced this shipwreck unlike many of the other events in his narrative.  He did not experience the Damascus road, Pentecost, or the stoning of Stephen (we assume).  But he did experience this shipwreck and he saw God’s providence at work to the end of furthering the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Now, as to why so much detail, I conclude that Luke sees the providence of God guiding every single thought, plan, event, and person that he had difficulty narrowing down all the important events to include.  Luke sees all of life (including his) as part of the providential hand of God furthering the influence of the Gospel among the ends of the world.

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