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Why God Became Man

June 7, 2009

Meditated on these rich quotes this week in my reading:

In short, since neither as God alone could he feel death, nor as man alone could he overcome it, he coupled human nature with divine that to atone for sin he might submit the weakness of the one to death; and that, wrestling with death by the power of the other nature, he might win victory for us (John Calvin, Institutes, 2.7.466).

Humility was assumed by majesty, weakness by strength, mortality by eternity; and to pay the debt that we had incurred, an inviolable nature was united to a nature that can suffer.  And so, to fulfill the conditions necessary for our healing, the man Jesus Christ, ‘one and same mediator between God and man,’ was able to die in respect of the one, unable to die in respect of the other (Leo the Great, A Doctrinal Letter to Flavian, 31-33).

In reading some heavy work on the Person of Christ, it is wonderful to read some words that exult in the glorious plan of God in Christ for sinners.  Amen and amen.

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