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Wells and the Person of Christ – A Subordinating Son (3)

June 9, 2009

David Wells, rightly (in my mind), understands the nature of the relationship of the Son to the Father as an Submission/Authority relationship, in the chapter on the Identity of Jesus in The Person of Christ.  He writes that the relational authority of the Father “will remain unchanged, presumably, even after the Son has resumed his glory (1 Cor. 24-28).”  He later asks, “How far, then do the exigences of this submission, the conditions of this subordination, affect the nature of the divine Jesus? (emphasis mine)”  Wells makes the distinction between functional and metaphysical subordination.  Even in Philippians 2, the term “emptied” himself is not a metaphysical claim, but “As the divine light passes through the darkened glass of his humanity, it is obscured but not refracted.  In Jesus, God became incognito, but he did not disappear, he is hidden, but not lost.”

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