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Causing a Small Church to Love Missions

July 7, 2009

Tom Ascol recently wrote an encouraging article for the 9marks eJournal entitled “Cultivating a Culture of Missions in a Small Church.”  Here are some bullet points he gave that will give you a flavor of the article:

Through expositional preaching, prayer, and special study, God has cultivated a “missions culture” within our church. In addition to what I have already written, we do several specific activities to help promote that culture:

  • We regularly schedule trustworthy missionaries to visit and tell about their work. We try to encourage them and give them gifts, especially good books.
  • We get to know missionaries (sometimes by asking discerning friends), publicize their needs, and systematically pray for them.
  • We give space for maps and displays of mission activities in our facilities.
  • We remember the birthdays and anniversaries of missionaries and send thoughtful notes and gifts to them.
  • We enlist members to correspond with missionaries.
  • We encourage church members to read good missionary books, including biographies.
  • We train and send members on short-term trips to assist overseas workers with special projects or simply to serve and encourage them. God used short-term trips to confirm his call in the lives of each of the missionaries we’ve sent out.
  • We work to increase the amount of money the church designates for missions.
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