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McKnight, Piper, and the Glory of God

July 10, 2009

Scot McKnight is reviewing John Piper’s books This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence. As I am wrting this, McKnight has spent 8 posts to review it – and he does not seem to be finished.  So far, he has had little critique or interaction with the content, other than just overviewing Piper’s chapters.  I am assuming at some point McKnight will interact at a more critical level.

He does make a comment on John Piper’s “career long” emphasis on the glory of God.  He writes:

Anyone who has read Piper knows he reads everything through the lens of the “glory of God,” which is (for me) theologically true yet somehow Piper manages to emphasize a theme far more often than does the Bible… Maybe I’m being picky because I have for years thought Piper overemphasizes God’s glory (some will say that can’t be done; I say, let’s say it the way the Bible does).

In the offices of CBMW, we were reading this post and discussing McKnight’s comments on Piper’s “overemphasis”.  Someone made the statement, Whatever you think of John Piper, I would hate to have to defend the statement, “for years I have thought Piper overemphasizes God’s glory.” I agree.

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