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Leithart Among the Postmoderns

July 13, 2009

I have begun reading Solomon Among the Postmoderns by Peter Leithart.  I have slowly begun to read Leithart more and more.  I don’t, often, come to his same conclusions, but he is one of the most thoughtful writers I know.  He stretches my interests and my convictions.  In this book, Leithart – who is probably more sympathetic to postmodernism that I’m comfortable with – writes to his readers (especially ones like me):

When I started Solomon Among the Postmoderns, I was aiming at mainly anti-postmodern Christians.  By presenting central postmodern themes in a way that postmodernists would recocgnize, I hope to isolate the specific places where Christians must challenge postmodern theory.  Many of the most vocal [anti-postmoderns] highlight epistemological  issues, challenging what they perceive as postmodern “relativism.”  Epistemology is not, however, as central as [they] suggest, and at least the most sophisticated writers rearely mean to say the outlandish things [ant-postmoderns] attribute to them.

To me, epistemology is central – probably mainly from my presuppositionalism.  So, I am willing to listen.  But I think I will again simply be stretched rather then comply.

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