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Mark 9 and the Prophet/Son or Son/Prophet

August 6, 2009

Mark 9 and the account of the transfiguration is full of imagery on the identity of Jesus – the radiant-white clothes, the communion with the prophets Moses and Elijah (contributing to the NT identity of Jesus), and the very words spoke by the Father, “This is my Beloved Son, listen to him” (9:7).  The Father’s words are difficult and fascinating.  The reader of Mark’s gospel should immediately think back to Deauteronomy 18 – especially with Moses present – where Moses prophecies that another prophet like him will come, whom we must listen to and do everything he says, the words he (Jesus) will speak are the very words of God.

What is interesting about this verse is that office of Prophet that Jesus fully occupies is not neatly distinguished from Jesus’ identity as Son, they are sort of co-mingled.  It is not as if the office of Prophet is fulfilled apart from Jesus acting as Son.  We could even go so far to say that each one relies upon the other.  Praise God for his wisdom that confounds the wisdom of this world.

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