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Mark Driscoll and the Baptist Press

August 25, 2009

Timmy Brister has done some posts recently documenting the anti-Mark Driscoll/Acts 29 agenda of the Baptist Press.  He’s put quite a bit of energy into it and it takes a fair amount of back ground knowledge to understand the context of everything, but they are good posts on the topic:

All a Matter of Timing: Baptist Press and Mark Driscoll

Baptist Press Continues Anti-Acts 29 Agenda, Publishes Errors of SBCToday

He concludes with this:

Fellow Southern Baptists, we cannot afford to have this type of gross mischaracterization printed from our denominational news wire even if it is in the “first person.”  Whether SBCToday chooses to publish such errors or not is up to them, but to have Baptist Press continue to exhibit unacceptable journalistic ethic to support an anti-Acts 29 agenda under the banner of Southern Baptist is simply inexcusable.

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