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TNIV News, History, and Announcement Round-Up

September 2, 2009

Yesterday, Zondervan made their TNIV announcement – “Correcting the ‘Mistakes’ of TNIV, Translators Will Overhaul NIV.”  Doubtless, this will not be new to many of you.  Here is of many noteworthy press releases and responses over the last 24 hours or so:

Press Releases and Announcements

Zondervan’s announcement through Christianity Today

Associated Press Release

USAToday’s article by Kathy Grossman – includes some quotes from Wayne Grudem.

Zondervan’s Official Press Release

Word Magazine’s Article: “Translators, TNIV Make a Mistake”

The Examiner “The TNIV is Toast

Baptist Press

Some notable Responses:

CBMW had a busy day yesterday.  We had three separate responses included in Gender Blog:

Randy Stinson

Ligon Duncan

Albert Mohler

Other responses:

Joe Carter @ First Things

Scot McKnight @ Jesus Creed

Tim Chesterton

Some history as to why this happened –

JBMW – TNIV Edition:

Editorial Peter R. Schemm Jr.
I Want My NIV Russell D. Moore
A Response to “Why the TNIV Bible?” John Mark N. Reynolds
Today’s New International Version Justin Taylor
Changing God’s Word Wayne Grudem
Small Changes in Meaning Can Matter Vern S. Poythress
(Mis)Translating Psalm 1 Robert L. Cole
Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve Peter R. Schemm Jr. and Michael E. Travers
Choosing a Translation of the Bible Russell T. Fuller
Annotated Bibliography for Gender-Related Books in 2004 Rob Lister
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