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The Reformed Forum and Tom Schreiner

September 21, 2009

I regularly listen to the Reformed Forum’s podcast.  Its a unique program – sort of a souped-up Presuppositional version of the White-Horse Inn.  Recently, they had Tom Schreiner on their program to talk about his New Testament Theology. It was a great program and it was fun to listen to Tom interact with RF guys.  Tom has a way of simplifying things and he did so on a show that doesn’t usually have a tendency to simplify.  Its always good to see a Baptist in there every once in a while.

There has actually been some great episodes recently.  Below are a few that I have really enjoyed:

The Masculine Mandate with Rick Phillips

The Church Fathers with Michael Haykin

Geerhardus Vos with Danny Olinger

Also, any program that discusses presuppositional apologetics or Van Til – which tends to be a good number of them.

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