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Andrew Sherwood Opens Up the “God Exposed” Conference

September 25, 2009

Andrew Sherwood (from 9Marks) is live-blogging the God Exposed Conference at SEBTS this week.  Andrew opens up his live-blogging with this description:

I’ll set the stage a bit for you so you have a sense of what it’s like to be here:  300+ folks (largely pastors, I think?) are gathering here at Binkley Chapel on the beautiful campus of Southeastern.  Mark Dever is up first and I’ll hopefully be able to coherently piece back together his excellent talk.  It should be noticed that Mark has lost about 50 pounds. This guy looks like a student on campus here. His striped shirt clearly was purchased by someone else and given to him as a gift. McKinley is wearing new glasses that look like something my 17 year old sister has. Thabiti is actually from North Carolina so he’s feeling right at home.  Danny isn’t wearing a tie. I’m not comfortable with that. I haven’t seen CJ yet but I’m sure he’s running around here somewhere making huge hand motions and wearing something from Men’s Express.

Very funny.  I’m looking forward to the audio.

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