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Tim Tebow and the Exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ

October 14, 2009

Sunday’s opinion column at USAToday takes a critical look at Tim Tebow’s evangelical and exclusive Gospel.  The author, Tom Krattenmaker, praises Tebow’s leadership, talent, citizenship, and good behavior, but bemoans his doctrine.  He makes an interesting statement, “But there’s a shadow side to this. If their take on God and truth and life is the only right one — which their creed boldly states — everyone else is wrong.”  He at least gets that right.  He writes about Tebow,

But there’s more to his story. Tebow does his missionary trips to the Philippines under the auspices of his father’s Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. The Tebow organization espouses a far-right theology. Its bottom line: Only those who assent to its version of Christianity will avoid eternal punishment.

He continues:

Certainly, Tim Tebow must be applauded for the good he does working on his father’s missions, but he should be seen, too, as one who promotes a form of belief that makes unwelcome judgments about everyone else’s religion. Let’s not forget the twinge that is felt by sports-loving Jewish kids and parents, for example, or by champions for interfaith cooperation, when adored sports figures like Tebow use their fame to push a Jesus-or-else message.

For Krattenmaker, Tebow’s exclusivism is contrary to our country’s rising pluralism, which he sees as a “defining and positive reality in American life.”

I was recently listening to Pardon-the-Interruption – a sports show with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on ESPN – and Tony Kornheiser, who is regularly hard on evangelicals, said that Tebow will probably go down in the top 3 of greatest college football players.  Tebow’s athletic greatness and public likability has overshadowed his unpopular trust in a biblical Gospel – though he makes every effort to be explicit about it.  It will interesting to see how long the public can tolerate his outward trust in the exclusive saving work of Christ and his witness to it.  We may start to see more articles like this about Tebow.  May God grant him persevering strength.

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  1. Galen permalink
    October 15, 2009 5:16 am

    Amen. Thanks for the report.

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