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Richard Baxter and Redeeming the Time

October 16, 2009

A book that I have never read all the way through and probably never will (948 pages – double column – small print – over 1 million words!) is Richard Baxter’s Christian Directory.  Yet, I consistently go back to it, over and over, for practical, Gospel-centered direction for the Christian life.  One helpful section Baxter writes on is the redeeming of time.  The entire section is very practical for the Christian who desires to grow in godliness and lose their worldliness.  Below is a summary of his major points and a list of “time thieves”:

  1. The greatest time waster or time thief is idleness and sloth.
  2. Excess of sleep.  “When the sluggish person spends hours in bed, which neither their health nor labor need, merely out of swinish love of sleep…”
  3. Inordinate adorning of the body.
  4. Unnecessary pomp and entertainment.
  5. Needless and senseless gluttony.
  6. Idle chatter.
  7. Vain and sinful company.
  8. Inordinate amount of sports.
  9. Excess of worldly cares and business.
  10. Vain, ungoverned, and sinful thoughts.
  11. Inordinate amount of time reading vain books, romances, unprofitable studies undertaken for vain glory or to please a carnal mind.
  12. The master-thief of time is an ungodly heart, for it never intends to glorify God

May we strive to have godly hearts that desire to glorify God whether we eat or drink or whatever we do.

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  1. Galen permalink
    October 22, 2009 12:24 am

    Getting caught up here. I suppose Mr Baxter’s 12 points would remain the same, even if he knew about the NFL…


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