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Richard Baxter and the Christian Man

October 21, 2009

It still amazes me how practical the Puritans were.  Chief among them in practicality was Richard Baxter.  I wrote earlier last week on Richard Baxter and redeeming the time in his book Christian Directory.  Still reading further, Baxter comments on “The Special Duties of Husbands to Their Wives.”  His chief concern for men when leading a home is that they be fit for the task.  He writes, “He must labor to be fit and able for the government (leadership role) which he undertaketh.”

Striving to be godly and sanctified is the labor he describes.  Baxter writes, “An ungodly or irreligious man is both a stranger and enemy to the design of God for the Christian home.”  Men who desire to be married and lead their families should labor to fit themselves for the task.

May God give us strength to resist sin, lead our families to glorify God, and treasure his Gospel.

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