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New England, the Gospel, and Church Planting

October 30, 2009

The Associated Press released an article Evangelists Target Spiritually Cold New England. It is an encouraging trend to see more and more evangelicals aiming at New England for church planting.  The statistics of unbelief in New England are daunting.  In Boston, MA only 2% attend an Evangelical church and many of those churches are closing.  The article is right in saying that many Christians now are calling New England a lost people group.  A large percentage of people not only did not grow up attending church but their parents and grandparents never attended church as well.

Chris Bass, pastor of the newly planted Redeemer Fellowship Church, and pastor Wes Pastor, president of NETS Institute for Church Planting were both mentioned in the article.  The ministries of Bass and Pastor are prayed for often by my family and local church.  In the dark and cold spiritual climate of New England these are two bright lights. May the Lord bless and increase their work of the Gospel!


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