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Christian Thankfulness

November 11, 2009

Christian thankfulness is not primarily Well, at least I’m not as bad off as… or I need to thankful for what I have because there many who do not have what I have.  Christian thankfulness has a more significant level to it.  Mainly, a child of God has what he has free of charge.  Jeremiah Burroughs, in his Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, explains it like this (I will summarize):

A child of an inn-keeper has his diet, lodging, and anything else he needs provided.  A stranger comes and he, also, has his diet, lodging, and anything else needs provided.  The child of the inn-keeper may have a very plain meal, while the traveler feasts.  At the end, the child never pays for his provisions.  But, as for the traveler, there will be a reckoning for everything.  Burroughs writes, “Grace shows a man that what he has, he has free of cost, from God as from a father, and therefore it must needs be very sweet.”

The Christian may be thankful and content in what he has, even though he has very little.  For all that he has is free of cost, paid for by the purchase of Christ Jesus.

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