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A Chalcedonian Poem by Edward Taylor

November 29, 2009

I am reading through Stephen Nichols’ book Jesus: Made in America.  I am very much enjoying it!  Nichols surveys the landscape of popular understandings of Jesus from the early American Puritans to Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ. In his chapter on the Puritans he spends some energy on one particular puritan named Edward Taylor, who was a preacher for 58 years and a poet.  He wrote many poems on the mystery of the Incarnation and the union of the human and divine nature of the one Person of Christ.  Below is one that I found myself reading over and over:

In Essence two, in Properties each are

Unlike, as unlike can be.  One All-Might,

A Mite the other; One Imortall Fair:

One mortall, This all Glory, that all night:

One infinite, One finite.  So forever:

Yet ONED are in Person.  Part’d never.

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