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A Fearful Heart: Its Remedies

December 21, 2009
For many, fear riddles the heart.  When heat is applied, fear is their impulse.  It can be expressed in worry, panic, or even anger.  The choices that are made out of fear are never compatible with faith, but rather are opposed to it.  Fear is crippling.  It is a hard slave master that leaves no reserve for joy.
Yet, fear says something about what we believe about God and about ourselves.
  1. Fear either believes that, although God is good, he is not in control – or – God is in control, but he is not good.  Fear believes we are the makers of our own destiny and we are completely inadequate for the job.  Every statement is a half truth leading to a false belief system.
  2. Fear does not believe God’s Word is sufficient for their problems – whether it be money, disciplinary problems with children, unemployment, or marriage failure.  It doesn’t see God’s revelation as authoritative.  Their situation is unique and outside the realm of God’s revealed plan.
  3. Fear refuses to recognize God’s presence.  Fear sees God’s love, grace, and providence as inaccessible.
The above statements are all false beliefs.  None of them are true.  In fact, if they were restated in ways that were true, they would be incredibly comforting for the heart that tends to fear:
  1. God is our Creator and we are his creatures.  He is in complete control and he is completely good.  Nothing moves, happens, or develops without his complete involvement.  We are his creation and we have our being by his very word.
  2. Graciously, God has given us his Word that guides and gives instruction.  Because God is Creator, he is wise to reveal his plan for, not only, our redemption, but also our sanctification.
  3. God sustains us with his presence.  He is not far off or aloof to our needs.  He is aware of our troubles and our sufferings.  In fact, he has sent his Son to conquer evil and suffering once and for all by paying for sin.  He has given us his Spirit to work in our hearts.  He works through his Church and other believers to care for our needs and struggles.  He sovereignly works out his good and kind will for the eternal joy of his people.

Believing in God’s sovereign goodness, his wise instruction, and his gracious presence calms the fearful heart to trust God in all circumstances.

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  1. Theodore A. Jones permalink
    January 8, 2010 2:09 pm

    Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom according to God.

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