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December Reading Log

January 2, 2010

The Westminster Assembly: Reading Its Theology in Historical Context by Robert Letham – Robert Letham’s work sets the table for further great study on the Assembly. His historical corrections and utilization of new primary source discoveries lay a solid trajectory for helpful scholarship. This is the new standard. It has given Reformed Christians insight into their rich heritage and should enrich our understanding of confessionalism.

Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology -I am less and less inclined towards these books anymore. Doriani’s contributions were good and Vanhoozer was compelling at times, but it turned into a situational ethic debate, rather than a theological method. It may be worth your time to skim, but I would suggest that you read a thorough review of the book instead of the book itself – Tom Schreiner is writing one to come out in the Spring SBTS Journal 2010.

Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ by Thomas F. Torrance – Has some keen theological and biblical insights into the work of Christ – especially along the lines of redemptive history and how the Person relates to the work. Yet, Torrance’s view of revelation ends up distorting many of his conclusions.

Speaking the Truth in Love: The Theology of John M. Frame – I truly enjoyed plowing through this volume. It is astonishing to see Frame’s fingerprints in almost every single theological discipline – including worship wars. His contribution is massive. I have a deeper appreciation of John Frame after reading these articles, which I am grateful for.

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