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Carl Trueman and the Real Evangelical Scandal

January 13, 2010

The new 9Marks eJournal (Jan/Feb 2010) is out.  I just received it in my inbox yesterday.  I noticed immediately that Carl Trueman contributed an article to it: “The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.” Whenever I see Trueman listed as a contributor to a journal, book, or anything else, he is always the first I read.  Happens every time.

Trueman’s article, as always, is a little provocative and aims at an evangelical sacred cow that is not compatible with biblical Christianity.  One of the questions he raises is Why do Evangelical Academics Crave Worldly Acceptance? He writes:

It remains true (as James Barr pointed out years ago) that evangelical academics are generally respected in the academy only at precisely those points where they are least evangelical. There is a difference between academic or scholarly respectability and intellectual integrity. For a Christian, the latter depends upon the approval of God and is rooted in fidelity to his revealed Word; it does not always mean the same thing as playing by the rules of scholarly guild.
The article is worth the read and so is the entire eJournal.
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