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January 2010 Reading Log

February 1, 2010

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, by John Frame.  First time reading through DKG. Frame’s multiperspectivalism is much clearer now that I seen how he lays the groundwork himself. Would have been helpful, I think, to read this before Doctrine of God. Great read!

How People Change, by Tripp and Lane.  One of the three best books on pastoral care (others beingSeeing with New Eyes and Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands).

Dug Down Deep, by Joshua Harris.  A great book to hand young Christians on the importance of thinking deeply on God for the Christian life. Theology is practical and Harris displays it biographically. He has put the cookies on the lower shelf, but shows the shelf with the crème brûlée and has given us the ladder to reach it.

Contagious Christian Living, by Joel Beeke.   To be frank, I think pastors should be getting handfuls of this little book for their congregations.

Calvin, by Bruce Gordon.  Best biography on Calvin.  The new standard.

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