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Joy From Above

March 12, 2010

Andrée Seu from WORLD has an excellent article today on how wonderful a Sunday morning sermon is when the pastor experiences the truth that he teaches.  Here is an excerpt:

I can tell when I am hearing a sermon on a doctrine that the speaker hasn’t experienced firsthand. It’s not that he’s lying. He himself does not realize; he believes that when he lays out a homiletically top-rate teaching, he has done all there is to do.

The sermon, as it leaves his lips, makes a hollow sound on the ears of the congregation, but no one realizes that either. It is homiletically top-rate and three-pointed. They know they should appreciate it if they are spiritual, so they believe they have been well-served. They say, “It was a good sermon.” If this goes on Sunday after Sunday, a vague melancholy sets in unawares.

Preachers, take note.  Read the whole thing.

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